TMEP 803.03(e): Trusts, Conservatorships, and Estates

October 2017 Edition of the TMEP

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803.03(e)    Trusts, Conservatorships, and Estates

If a trust is the owner of a mark in an application, the examining attorney must ensure that the trustee(s) is identified as the applicant.  Thus, the examining attorney must require that the trust’s application be captioned as follows:

The Trustees of the XYZ Trust, a California trust, the trustees comprising John Doe, a United States citizen, and the ABC Corporation, a Delaware corporation.

The application must first refer to the trustee(s) as the applicant and indicate the name of the trust, if any.  Then the state under whose laws the trust exists must be set forth. Finally, the names and citizenship of the individual trustees must be listed. If there are more than ten individual trustees, the applicant need list only the first ten trustees.

The same format generally applies to conservatorships and estates as follows:

The Conservator of Mary Jones, a New York conservatorship, the conservator comprising James Abel, a United States citizen.

The Executors of the John Smith estate, a New York estate, the executors comprising Mary Smith and James Smith, United States citizens.