TMEP 807.03(e): Standard Character Drawing and Specimen of Use

October 2017 Edition of the TMEP

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807.03(e)    Standard Character Drawing and Specimen of Use

When the applicant submits a standard character drawing, the mark shown in the drawing does not necessarily have to appear in the same font style, size, or color as the mark shown on the specimen of use.  However, the examining attorney must review the mark depicted on the specimen to determine whether a standard character claim is appropriate, or whether a special form drawing is required.

If the examining attorney determines that the standard characters are displayed in a distinctive manner that changes the meaning or overall commercial impression of the mark, the examining attorney must process the drawing as a special form drawing, and require the applicant to delete the standard character claim.  As with all drawings, the mark on the drawing must be a substantially exact representation of the mark used on the specimen in an application under §1 of the Trademark Act. 37 C.F.R. §§2.51(a) and (b); TMEP §§807.12(a)–807.12(a)(iii).

The examining attorney may delete the standard character claim by examiner’s amendment after obtaining approval from the applicant or the applicant’s qualified practitioner.  When deleting a standard character claim, the examining attorney must ensure that the mark drawing code is changed.  See TMEP §807.18 concerning mark drawing codes.

See TMEP §807.04(b) for further information as to when a special form drawing is required.