TMEP 807.05(a)(i): Long Marks in Standard Character Drawings

October 2017 Edition of the TMEP

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807.05(a)(i)    Long Marks in Standard Character Drawings

As noted in TMEP §807.05(a), when an applicant files an application for a standard character mark through TEAS, the applicant must enter the mark in the appropriate data field.

A single line can consist of no more than 26 characters, including spaces.  If the applicant enters a mark that exceeds 26 characters into the standard character word mark field, the USPTO’s automated system will break the mark, so that it fits into the Official Gazette.  After 26 characters, the mark will automatically continue onto the next line.  The online TEAS instructions provide further information about breaks in long standard character marks.  If a standard character mark exceeds 26 characters, and the applicant has a preference as to where the mark will be broken, the applicant should use the special form option, and attach a digitized image of the mark that meets the requirements of 37 C.F.R. §2.53(c) to the "Mark" field on the electronic application.  See TMEP §807.05(c) regarding the requirements for digitized images.  If the applicant selects the special form option, the applicant may not include a standard character claim.