Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure (TMEP)
Chapter 900: Use in Commerce

October 2017 Edition of the TMEP

Chapter 900: Use in Commerce

901: Use in Commerce

901.01: Definitions

901.02: Bona Fide Use in the Ordinary Course of Trade

901.03: Commerce That May Be Lawfully Regulated By Congress

901.04: Inquiry Regarding Use in Commerce

902: Allegations of Use for §1(b) Applications

903: Dates of Use

903.01: Date of First Use Anywhere

903.02: Date of First Use in Commerce

903.03: Relation Between the Two Dates of Use

903.04: Amending Dates of Use

903.05: First Use by Predecessor or Related Company

903.06: Indefinite Dates of Use

903.06(a): Apparent Discrepancies Between Dates of Use and Date of Execution

903.07: Dates of Use in Another Form

903.08: More than One Item of Goods or Services

904: Specimens

904.01: Number of Specimens

904.01(a): More than One Item Specified in a Class

904.01(b): Combined or Multiple-Class Applications

904.02: Physical Form of Specimens

904.02(a): Electronically Filed Specimens

904.02(b): Paper-Filed Specimens

904.02(c): Additional Requirements

904.02(c)(i): Other Materials Required for Examination

904.02(c)(ii): Specimens for Marks Comprising Color

904.02(c)(iii): Specimens for Marks Used on Publications

904.03: Material Appropriate as Specimens for Trademarks

904.03(a): Labels and Tags

904.03(b): Stampings

904.03(c): Commercial Packaging

904.03(d): Electronic and Digital Media Attachments to Paper Filings

904.03(e): Specimens for Trademarks Identifying Computer Programs, Movies, and Videos, or Audio Recordings

904.03(f): Specimens for Sound Marks

904.03(g): Displays Associated with Goods

904.03(h): Catalogs

904.03(i): Electronic Displays

904.03(i)(A): Picture or Description of the Goods

904.03(i)(B): Show the Mark in Association with the Goods

904.03(i)(B)(1): Prominence of Mark

904.03(i)(B)(2): Placement of Mark and Proximity to the Goods

904.03(i)(C): Ordering Information

904.03(i)(C)(1): "Shopping Cart" and "Shopping Bag" Buttons and Links

904.03(i)(C)(2): Telephone Numbers and E-mail Addresses

904.03(i)(C)(3): "Contact Us," "Customize," or "Configure" Buttons and Links

904.03(i)(D): Beta Websites

904.03(j): Manuals

904.03(k): Specimens for Marks that are Impracticable to Place on Goods, Packaging, or Displays

904.03(l): Specimens for Motion Marks

904.03(m): Specimens for Scent and Flavor Marks

904.04: Material Not Appropriate as Specimens for Trademarks

904.04(a): Drawing or "Picture" of the Mark; Digitally Created or Altered Specimen

904.04(b): Advertising Material

904.04(c): Package Inserts

904.05: Affidavit Supporting Substitute Specimens

904.06: Translation of Matter on Specimens

904.07: Requirements for Substitute Specimens and Statutory Refusals

904.07(a): Whether the Specimen Shows the Mark Used in Commerce

904.07(a)(i): Action After Submission of Substitute Specimen

904.07(b): Whether the Specimen Shows the Applied-for Mark Functioning as a Mark

904.07(b)(i): Action After Submission of Substitute Specimen

905: Method of Use

906: Federal Registration Notice

906.01: Foreign Countries That Use Registration Symbol ®

906.02: Improper Use of Registration Symbol

906.03: Informing Applicant of Apparent Improper Use

906.04: Fraud

907: Compliance with Other Statutes